Rooms with a view

Digital wonderland

Today I had an appointment in my old students town Leuven. Don’t ask me how many years have passed since I graduated here at university. I also must have forgotten a lot of what I learnt here, but I am quite sure that the period I lived in Leuven was decisive for who I am now. I got this mix of formal and informal learning and I was embedded in the time of my life. There was no cell phone at that time to be mobile and I am sure my Remington typewriter didn’t have a processor.

Today learning and professional development is still very important in my life. I could never have predicted in those days that learning would have become even more important than it was when I was a student.

I spoke with my date about the wonderful world of digital wonderland. I can’t imagine a more exciting period in history of education. Learning now is a matter of getting connected and sharing, it is a matter of storing your knowledge in friends. And you don’t have to be at school to take part!

On a terrace of the renovated square at the railway station I gave and I got input. We discussed creative ideas and enjoyed coffee, water.. and sun.

I still feel embedded in the time of my life.


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