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Lighthouses of Education

Lunch time at the Ministery building was a bit special today. Two speakers had been invited to give a presentation about new views on education.

Pieter Sprangers, one of the authors of the hype book Edushock (Lannoo) was the first to start with a presentation about the future of education. We are in a period of transition, he said. Schools will soon have to get rid of the rigid system of boxes filled with just one subject, one age group and one time slot.

How can teaching be inspiring and sticky? Are students stimulated to ask questions? Classrooms don’t seem to have changed fundamentally during the past century. Most students possess wonderful electronic devices that could be used for learning, but do we allow them in our class rooms?

I agree: there were times that school had to provide pencils. Now pupils bring their own pencase. I hope schools will soon embrace the digital pencase of the pupils and give permission to use their own devices.

Pieter Sprangers also said that we must dream about lighthouses of education, centres for life long learning where all generations connect and learn.

The second part of the lunch break was for Kurt Klynen. He puts into practice 21st century ideas of teaching and he gave an inspiring presentation about creativity and technology enhanced teaching.

I pick out just one small detail from his stream of enthusiasm. He said he sometimes runs to school in the morning instead of walking, to get the new idea in the building as soon as possible. I know the feeling.



One response to “Lighthouses of Education

  1. Arjana September 10, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    Hi Bart,
    What a privilege it was to listen to such inspiring and motivating speakers! And also a treat! I must say I like Peter’s idea of lighthouses of education – and I definitely agree that we must keep dreaming about buidling them. However, I dare say that we might already have our lighthouse – on Twitter. Of course I’m talking about our PLN – our Personal (or Passionate) Learning Network, which I think is a perfect example of how a bunch of enthusiasts and visionaries (stranded on a deserted island) are trying to change the way we learn and teach.


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