Rooms with a view

For a change

Today I left the eTwinning office in Brussels at lunch time. I took the train to the beautiful and interesting city of Ghent. By train this is only 40 minutes. I live in a small country.

In Ghent I had an appointment with someone from the university to check out whether my path of professional development might lead to one of these buildings.

I enjoyed the views in the room. I learned that it is not easy to change things in the field of ICT integration, that the idea of the ICT smart digital natives is more or less a myth and that it’s mostly bottom up initiatives that lead to change, more than top down efforts from the academic world or policy makers.

After the meeting I walked to the city centre with its nice buildings, streets and squares. In a music shop I bought some strings and I took the tram back to the station instead of walking.

The rain came top down.

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