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The past week I spent in Redmond – Seattle at the Partners in Learning Institute 2011.

50 educators from 31 countries had been invited by Microsoft to take part in this event. I admit I was very proud to be part of this worldwide shortlist of teachers that will play a role in the amazing steps Microsoft wants to take in the educational field.

The weeks consisted of trainings, workshops, discussions, creative work and some field trips. I also enjoyed the teachmeet where I got the change to share one of my ideas. I really appreciated the dedicated conference staff and the professional input and warm friendship I got from the participants.

Seattle is a great city and thanks to Microsoft we had the best seats.

The future looks very promising. We saw previews of how Partners in Learning wants to facilitate innovative change. There is a very powerful network of teachers coming up. Teachers will walk together on this itinary to the best way of education.

I will definitely join and take this pedagogical crossing.

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