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Pafos Learning Network

I must correct the information I gave you in my previous post: I used 10 instead of 9 vehicles to get to Pafos. I forgot that I had to change in the London Underground.

All these vehicles were at my service in reversed order to bring me home. Unfortunately I couldn’t bring back the Cypriot sun, but my bag contains lots of ideas, contacts and resources that will give me warmth in the future.

We had a nice group of attendees of all sorts and ages: talented youngsters, experienced parents and, why not, emigrated aunties that had come to a kind of family reunion of learning.

If you go on a 6-day course like this one, you have different ways of input. Next to the official program you get connected to people and you build up your Personal Learning Network. This informal way of learning is of great value and with educators coming from all over Europe it produces this typical adrenaline that gives you inspiration and energy to have the time of your life.

Did you know that the word school (scholè) comes from the Greek language and that it originally means vacation?

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