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Lille Europe

My work at eTwinning implies some travelling once in a while and the past days I was present at a contact seminar in Lille (France). We had invited teachers and headmasters from the UK, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium.

The theme of this conference was the Whole School Approach and the development of eTwinning Teams at schools. That is the reason why we invited 2 participants per school, preferably a teacher and a school head. I contributed with a presentation about eTwinning integration at school and the concept of eTwinning enhanced learning.

It was amazing how easily new partnerships were established amongst the members. I think we can look back upon a successful weekend. The nice town of Lille, the French gastronomy brought all of us in the right atmosphere. And then there was also Lille winning the French football cup with thousands of people celebrating on the street.

eTwinning won as well.




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