Rooms with a view

These are the days..

On Wednesday we went to the Welsh Folk Museum. In this open air museum old buildings have been brought together. Visitors can walk around and have get an idea of how daily life in the past must have looked like. We saw some of the pupils of the Glyncoed school again, who went back who went back for one hour to Victorian times. We all admired the teacher who taught the lesson and who made the kids feel as if they were really at school in the 19th century.

At lunch time we were invited by the Mayor of Cardiff in his impressive mansion and we felt really important. During this visit we came across so many social contrasts. We must never forget that we are very priveledged.

After our daily work with presentations and contribution to the study visit report we went out on Wednesday evening. We had the opportunity to get inside the Wales Millennium Centre where we attended the musical We will rock you with music of Queen. Although I had seen it before, I enjoyed again, especially in this marvelous theatre.

On Thursday we started with a visit to the Welsh Senedd. The transparency of this beautiful modern building reflects the idea of the transparent way in which the Welsh politicians want to represent the people. Now, this is a room with a view!

Later on we had our last visits related to this study visit. Michael brought us to Grangetown School, situated in a multicultural area and once again we met a devoted staff with a passion for the job of educating.

And today it is our last day… In the morning we finished the report and then we set off to Cardiff Castle and some spare time in the city. At night we will have our farewell dinner, also in the building of the Millennium Centre. It is a pity that Aga, who was so kind as to write the group report, will not be present as she took an earlier flight, back to Poland.

Tomorrow I will be back on trains again and I will have time to reflect. This nice group will split up but in these days it is so easy to poke each other and catch up again.

I am glad to have discovered this Terra Nova.




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