Rooms with a view

In these stones horizons sing

I have been in Cardiff before. I must have been 20 and with some friends we travelled to Ireland. It took us 2 days to get there, taking trains and ferries. We didn’t actually stop in Cardiff, but now I will for one week. Compared to my previous trip I reached my destination a bit faster but I took some trains as well and I enjoyed the slow way of travelling.

The Eurostar brought me to London and then I changed in Paddington to take a train to cross England and get to Wales. I booked a quiet carriage and enjoyed the view of the green, sunny landscape as the train carried on.

I will be on a study visit. Together with a group of around 15 people from all over Europe I will have a programme of visits to schools and institutions with a special focus on creativity. Creativity is just crucial for nowadays education to facilitate conceptual literacy and to prepare our students for jobs which might not yet exist.

I arrived at the hotel right in time to join my creative friends for dinner and to introduce ourselves. Michael, the organizer of this study visit, had booked a table in one of the many restaurants at Cardiff Bay.

I will like this week with the sound of new horizons.




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