Rooms with a view


This morning I rode my bike to school and during my 34 km trip I went back in my thoughts to the previous days. From last Wednesday evening till Sunday I was in Budapest where I attended the annual eTwinning Conference. It was my 3rd conference so far and I must say: this was the best. The organisation was in logistic point of view just perfect, but also the workshops and keynote speakers gave all attendees great input and inspiration. For the first time the conference was combined with the eTwinning camp where more or less 200 children of the prize winning eTwinning projects had been invited. All together about 650 Europeans interacted in one way or another. Europe’s heart went boom-boom-boom.

I was also very happy with the members of the Flemish group of teachers who really took the opportunity to get the best out of this experience and who contributed to this conference in the best way possible.

So, I am enthusiastic, yes. And this also counts for the city of Budapest. On an extra day after the conference I had the opportunity to be guided around in the wonderful city. The mild spring sunshine made it even more beautiful.

The ultimate climax of this trip was the attendance of a dance performance in the amazing Hungarian State Opera House of Budapest. I think I had just the best seat in the building with a view on the orchestra and to the stage where at least 30 dancers acted in a spectacular and poetic dance performance called Karamazov testvérek, after the Karamazow Brothers by Dostojevski with music of Wagner, Rachmaninov, Mussorgsky, a.o. These are moments when time comes to a stand still.

On my bike trip back home my thoughts will be with my work of the next days, but probably also with future rooms with a view I am about to enter.




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