Rooms with a view

Stairway to heaven

This afternoon I went to Antwerp to see Rijn. I had to hand in my final report about the internship. I met her in her office in den Bell. The building dates from the late fifties of the previous century. The skyscraper has been beautifully renovated and hosts now the administration services of the town of Antwerp.   

Rijn told me that not that many teachers seem to be interested in going abroad for a internship of at least 14 days, or maybe they just don’t know that you can get a grant. 

She also asked me about my future plans. I thought of my book Great Expectations. It has 2 different endings. The reader can choose. Or maybe he just loves both the endings.. We will see. I like to go back to work in my school and at the National Support Service of eTwinning in Brussels.

I love the stairs in the building. They seem to lead to ultimate freedom.



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