Rooms with a view

Store forventninger

These 2 last days I visited schools in and around Copenhagen.

Yesterday I went to Randersgade’s School and gave a workshop on Sexy PowerPoint for the IT Super Kids. It was lovely to see how these 13-years old kids enjoyed technology. Afterwards Stine, one of the teachers, sent me the final results of the pupils’ work. Great school!

Next to the school I had lunch in café Laundromat where you can put your laundry in one of the washing machines and at the same time have a nice lunch. Unfortunately I hadn’t brought my laundry with me, so I limited myself to a clean salad with mozarella.

And then I started off to the Black Diamond, Copenhagen’s library. The building was really impressive. What impressed me most were the huge reading rooms where so many people were working in complete silence.

I wanted to see a copy of Store forventninger but in this enormous building there are no novels.. A very friendly man sent me to a local library. I doubted for a moment whether I should go or not, but then I thought I owed it to Pip, the main character of the book and my companion in personal development.

After I had found the small libary I made my way to Skønlitteratur, but without success.. Again a nice man helped me out and brought me to the cellar where he showed me 2 copies. It’s a relief anyone can still have great expectations, even though they are stored away in some forgotten cellar of a small library in Copenhagen.

Today I went to Hørsholm Skole with Mads. I contributed to the plans the school board and teachers have made to move on with the integration of ICT. Rooms with a view are lovely to enter!

At lunch I had said goodbye to my mentors Lena and David. I hope this is not a definite farewell and I hope to be part of the gang in one way or another. I liked this internship and I want to summarize it with a word I have heard here in Denmark every 5 seconds: SUPER!

For the last time I made my way to Hennings Alle. I made long walk and enjoyed the darkness of Hellerup.

And the mists had all solemnly risen now, and the world lay spread before me.




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