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Black pearl

I understand my students better now. When they return from their traineeship of 14 days they always say that the period is too short. You need some days to adapt yourself to a new situation and then very soon after that it is about time to go..

This counts for me as well. I think I am getting more and more connected and involved at work but my days are numbered.  I would very much like to finish some tasks I started, though.

Of course I also miss the ones I left behind at home and I will be glad to see them back.

Tomorrow I will go to the Randersgade’s School where I was some days ago with Lena. Tonight I made some kind of presentation. I would have loved to spend more time on it, but that has not been possible. There were times when I would have been nervous for that kind of occasions, but these days are over. I look forward to it and I hope I will be able to share my passion for this kind of teaching.

Yesterday a colleague of mine at Microsoft said I should see the library of Copenhagen. He said it was the best. It’s a diamond.

So, that’s what I will do. Tomorrow I will try to find that black pearl. David told me he often spends some time there to find peace and quietness.

I will arise and go, with great expectations.




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