Rooms with a view

More rooms, more views

It takes just half an hour to get to Sweden by train and it was around noon that I arrived in Malmö.

The streets looked a bit deserted. The very cold and nasty wind kept most Swedes inside. 

I walked around in the city and suddenly I was attracted by the public library. It is definitely the most impressive modern library I have ever entered. People were reading, working with a computer, listening to music. They were by themselves or were sitting in small groups in the huge building with many inside levels.

I saw the section of foreign literature in Swedish translation. Great Expectations was not present and in the hands of a Swedish colleague of mine.

Next target was the Turning Torso, a tower with appartments, that constantly seems to make a turn. Creativity makes the difference.

I ended my visit in Malmö with a visit to Malmöhus – art museum and with a nice cappuccino.

Once again I saw rooms with a view, creating room for views.




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