Rooms with a view

Modus vivendi

Yesterday, the last day of my work week, started with Breakfast Friday. The Danish bread is so crusty and tasteful. Mmmmm!

Afterwards I had a meeting with Kirsten and for me this was very relevant. We talked business but also about professional development and that is what I am here for, of course.

At eleven I went to Hellerup Skole. Marianne showed me around. This school building is really special. Hellerup Skole has no classrooms but still everybody was at work and had found a modus vivendi in an – at first sight – organic way.

At noon  I had a nice discussion with some teachers of the school about ICT integration. This school has a view. Not only a view at the seaside.

Today, Saturday, was the first day of the weekend. I took the train to Helsingør to see Kronburg, the castle where Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is situated. Hamlet did NOT find a modus vivendi in the castle. Well, you know the story.. 

On my way back I stopped at Louisiana and the museum of contemporary art. I liked the building as well. Just like Elsinore Castle it is located at the coast line and in perfect harmony with nature. I saw a.o. Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warholl, Asger  Jorn and exhibitions of Picasso and Walton Ford.

Tomorrow I will go to Sweden. No doubts about that.




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