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1A – 2 zones

Today I resided not only at Tuborg Boulevard 12. Together with Lena I took the local bus for a school visit. I met headmaster Marianne  at Randersgade’s School. I had met her before in Cape Town some months ago and she gave us a warm welcome. She definitely is someone who likes her job and who can motivate and inspire her teachers.  Also present was teacher Stine, who will be present at the Innovative Education Forum in Moscow in a few weeks time. Later on some other teachers popped in. This school feels like home.

I will be back in this Pathfinder School next Wednesday to give a presentation. I will take the 1A-bus in the morning.

Tomorrow I will be out again. I will visit Hellerup school which is also situated in the Tuborg site, just like the Microsoft Office. Before I went home I made a short detour to see where it was located. The building is fabulous.

I am quite sure I will meet teachers and students who let the heart of the school go boom, boom, boom.




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