Rooms with a view

Danish snowflakes

I will soon end the second day of the week and in fact my first real workdays. The snow has turned the city white and in about an hour I will make my daily walk to my Danish cottage in Henningsens Alle.

I like the atmosphere at Microsoft, I told you before. This morning David asked me to prepare and give a presentation with a deadline … of a few hours later. I think it went well and David said he was pleased.

The next days I will also work for Anders, Mads and I will have a meeting with Kirsten tomorrow.

Meanwhile I also need to work for the organisations I left behind in Belgium: my school and eTwinning. That will be something for tonight after my daily visit to NETTO, the local supermarket and my daily routine of uploading the 10 pics of the day and eating what I have prepared.

Med venlig hilsen




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