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Pecha Kucha

I will have pictures in this blog and I decided to go for mastership in limitation.

I found some inspiration in the Pecha Kucha way of giving presentations. With Pecha Kucha you have to put a limit on the amount of slides and the time you talk with each of them. If you are a teacher or a presenter at conferences you should try this as well. Put an end to overkill and endless presentations .

You don’t necessarily have to apply the criteria of Pecha Kucha with 20 PowerPoint slides appearing automatically every 20 seconds. Set your own limits and adapt it to the context. There is just one condition to this way of presenting: don’t touch any button while you talk. Prepare your PowerPoint so that it shows new slides automatically at a fixed interval.

So, pictures… in a Pecha Kucha style. I will show you just 10 pictures a day, that is the limit I agreed on with myself. I will make a short clip and show each picture for 3 seconds. So that is a 30 seconds clip for each day. I will probably make some more than 10 pictures each day and I might have to kill some darlings at night to make a selection, but so be it. Life is full of choices. Coming to Copenhagen is a good choice.

Do you want to see a Pecha Kucha project of mine?




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