Rooms with a view


I bet most countries will have programmes for teachers to do a traineeship in a company. I think everyone needs to get fresh air from time to time. If not, you might become like an icebear in a zoo walking its cage from one side to another and back, and back, and back..

Sometimes you just have to be lucky and I really had my share in the past years. But maybe I also forced it a bit?

Every year the town of Antwerp invites 10 teachers to go abroad for a traineeship for at least 14 days. One of the conditions is that you find a workplace. I was accepted and then I was lucky again. I explain: last year I paid a visit to BETT in London, the multi colour fancy fair of educational tools and I more or less invited myself to a seminar organised at the London headquarters of Microsoft. There I met Lena and David, 2 Danish who work for Partners in Learning, a Microsoft programme for innovative teachers and schools. And now I am here! I will stay for 16 days in a very nice appartment in Hellerup, Copenhagen, and I will have my internship at Microsoft.

The picture I used for the header I took when I left the building that day in London. I wanted to have a souvenir of an inspiring day I had in those rooms with a view

Tomorrow morning David will pick me up and he will open the doors for more creative thinking. I am a fan of Lifelong Learning.



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